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Speech Therapy

Our Areas of Specialization

Our therapists are experts in creating individualized therapy plans for your child's needs. Treatment plans are developed through comprehensive evaluations that consider distinctive factors, including developmental, medical, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds.


Our Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) are specialized to assess the following key areas:

Articulation and Phonology

Auditory Comprehension


Voice Disorders

Augmentative & Alternative Communication

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Social Pragmatic Communication

Language Disorders

Feeding and Swallowing Disorders 

Our Services


Initial Screenings 

The first step toward better communication is to detect any communication difficulties that might require more in-depth evaluation.

Screenings are offered free of charge at our clinic.



An extensive assessment of your child’s speech, language, communication, and swallowing abilities will reveal areas of need and lead to the creation of an effective intervention plan.



Individual or group therapy sessions are held with a Certified Speech-Language Pathologist and tailored to your child’s unique needs and goals in an interactive and comfortable environment that is fun and engaging for both family and children. 

Our team approach allows us to develop and integrate programs and monitor progress across settings such as daycare, schools, and ABA program settings. 


Consultations & Collaboration

DSP provides in-depth discussion with a speech-language pathologist about your child's communication development. Available via teletherapy or in-person appointments. 


Receive guidance on development and multiple tips/tricks to implement immediately. The best thing about this option is the frequency is up to you! 


We collaborate with your ABA Team, teachers, psychologists, counselors, vocational coaches, and healthcare/rehabilitation professionals.


Language Enrichment Groups

Our language enrichment group focuses on fostering language development through naturalist play and activities.


  • Small class sizes

  • Individualized attention

  • Personalized progress tracking


Our classes are designed to be interactive, exciting, and filled with age-appropriate games, art, and musical activities.


Join a community of parents and caregivers who are invested in their children's growth. Share experiences, gain insights, and celebrate milestones together.


Preschool Staff and Parent Trainings

DSP offers specialized educational training in the areas of behavior, social skills, and speech and language development.


Training is tailored to particular requests and includes both staff and parent training.

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