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Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA)

San Luis Obispo County, CA, USA

Job Type

Full-time & Part-Time Positions Available

About the Role

Board Certified Assistant Behavioral Analysts (BCaBA) provide physician-ordered school, home, and community-based therapy support services. Children and adults with developmental disabilities are the primary population supported. 

The BCaBA provides an assessment for the client along with the development of a plan of care and insures the implementation of the plan. As a member of the Circle of Support (COS) for the client, the Certified Assistant Behavioral Analyst assists with the development of intervention strategies that assist the client with attaining his/her outcome(s). 

Additional responsibilities:

  • Providing services in a timely manner (within 30 days) and only upon the receipt of Services Authorization 

  • Complete service requests 

  • Implementation of the Behavior Support Plan 

  • Complete summary of services for each visit (daily note log) 

  • Complete progress summary (graphs and notes) to Waiver Support Coordinator (WSC) and client’s provider if applicable, and send to FSBA Admin monthly for record keeping

  • Serve as active member of the client’s COS – when applicable

  • Coordinate appointments for service delivery with scheduling team & supervisors

  • Submit timecards & clinical notes in a timely fashion


Applicant must have:

  • Obtained undergraduate degree

  • Completed behavior analytic coursework

  • Received BACB Assistant Analyst Certification

About the Company

We're a group of clinicians and healthcare professionals dedicated to three key goals: 

  1. Streamline steps to enrollment in developmental disability care by improving access to care via tele- med specialist diagnostic visits 

  2. Provide a one-stop shop with the most needed and highly utilized services provided under one roof 

  3. Create a better care experience with a tech-enabled service offering yielding increased engagement with patients, parents, & providers

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