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Applied Behavior Analysis

Developmental Specialty Providers provides quality Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to individuals of all abilities with behavioral needs. We are also sure to offer the training and support their families need.

What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

 Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a well-developed discipline that uses evidence-based practices to create positive behavioral changes in individuals.​​

  • Quality ABA creates an environment that increases positive behavioral changes and decreases the chance for incorrect behaviors to occur and then generalizes newly acquired skills into the natural environment.

  • Quality ABA programs break new skills down into smaller tasks to enable successful completion and use positive reinforcement to encourage these appropriate behaviors to continue. 

You and your children are our main priorities here at DSP. We are sure to work endlessly to provide you with a better care experience. 

And we don't just stop there!


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What a Quality ABA Program Looks Like:

Treatment programs prioritize early screening and diagnosis to determine eligibility for autism services. They also offer ongoing assessments to evaluate the implementation and effectiveness of interventions.

  • Treatment programs and motivational strategies are custom-tailored to cater to the unique needs of each individual receiving services.

  • The teaching and treatment plans employed are highly structured, with a strong focus on acquiring new skills.

  • Treatment programs utilize frequent informal reassessment and systematic data-based tracking to monitor skill growth and make necessary adjustments to the plans.

  • The teaching environments are structured, well-organized, free from distractions, and include intensive one-to-one teaching as well as small group settings.

  • To ensure skill generalization, teaching takes place in multiple settings and at various times, while maintaining consistent instructional methods.

  • Program personnel undergo comprehensive training and continuous evaluation to ensure their competency.

  • Treatment programs adopt a team approach involving the family, placing significant emphasis on comprehensive home programming and parent training.

  • Intervention is provided on a full-day, year-round basis.

Our Approach

At DSP Health, we understand the importance of a collaborative and holistic approach to care.  As such, each of our clients is assigned a Care Team, which is composed of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and a minimum of two Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) who are fully trained in each client’s individualized treatment program.  

By utilizing Care Teams, we are able to minimize provider cancellations and provide our clients with consistent services, which we know leads to better outcomes for individuals with behavioral needs.  We also know that the generalization of skills is an important component of all behavioral treatment programs and that many individuals with autism and similar conditions struggle to generalize their skills across people and environments.  With our Care Team approach, we build in generalization programming from the start services to help develop a robust skillset in each of our clients.


Additionally, each client’s Care Team has access to our consulting providers, including Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists, Speech/Language Pathologists, School Psychologists, and Occupational Therapists.  We also strive to collaborate with each client’s existing team of providers, such as special education staff, medical providers, and mental health therapists, which helps to build a truly comprehensive and coordinated plan of care. 


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